Why you should and should not use manual sugar thermometer?

Candy making generally requires the use of a thermometer. One of the biggest considerations when shopping around for the best sugar thermometer is the type of thermometer. While most people prefer to use a digital sugar thermometer due to many advantages it brings, a manual sugar thermometer also has its strong point over the digital one.

Although used for many years, the manual confectionery style thermometer has its issues. This post will show you the pros and cons of manual thermometer that may make your choice easier.

#1 The problems with manual sugar thermometer

The manual sugar thermometers contain mercury or spirit that goes up and down to indicate readings. They are either metal or glass made. The first drawback is that they are slow to come to temperature. You may have to wait for about a few minutes to get an accurate reading. By contract, the digital sugar thermometer should be able to render a reading in less than 10 seconds.

They are inaccurate and need to be calibrated frequently. After temperature range, you have to about the accuracy. The best digital thermometer will have a margin of error of 2 degrees or less.

Manual candy thermometers are often very hard to read as they do not contain display, especially when over a steaming pot of jam or attract steam and splatter.

They are clipped to the side of a pot, so they only measuring the temperature of your syrup at one point in the pot.

And the last one is most serious problems is that the glass can actually break, ruining your sugar.

#2 Advantages of manual sugar thermometer

Unlike digital, manual readout thermometers never need batteries to operate. A real plus if you consider about what happens if your thermometer dies during a crucial sugaring stage.

Manual thermometers are common and you can easy fine not only at confectionery store. One more advantage is that manual thermometers are much more cheaper than a digital one.

#3 Manual sugar thermometer using tips

Do not wash manual thermometers as it can knock your thermometers and throw them out of whack. It is better to hand wash them.

Since manual thermometer are cheap, you should keep standby thermometer in your kitchen. In the case if your thermometer is break when you are in the middle of a project, it’s always ideal to have a backup one.

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How To Properly Use Glue For Plastic?

Most households have a lot of plastic items and they will inevitably be damaged and need repairing at some point. The best way to fix plastic fragments is to use the best glue for plastic.

However, keep in mind that plastic is not an easy material to stick together. It is quite porous and light to hold and fix for a long time. That is also the reason why many inexperienced people have difficulty repairing damaged plastic items.

Instead of throwing them away, we will show you how to use the correct glue for plastic. So don’t give up yet, but take note of the information below.

#1 Surface cleaning of the material

Cleaning the surface of the material is the first step and also an important step that you must take before using glue to fix the debris.

Cleaning the surface from dirt and other impurities will ensure more effective adhesive. If the surface of the material has any dirt on it, you will have more difficulty fixing them.

You should clean them with water or soap, then let them dry naturally. Take care not to touch the material’s surface directly after cleaning. Sweat or oil from your hands will reduce the sticky effect.

#2 Make the surface  rougher

The next step you need to do is sanding the surface of the material. This step will help the surface to be bonded better and the adhesive can be fixed much longer.

As you know, plastic is a very slippery material, and even the strongest glues have a hard time fixing them. The bottom line here is that you need to give the glue a good grip.

This is also the tip that many craftsmen use for their projects. You can rough the material with sandpaper or emery board.

#3 Stick

To attach plastic fragments together, you need to prepare the right glue. If you use epoxy glue, you need to mix the mixture evenly and in the right ratio, then use immediately to avoid the glue drying quickly.

When applying glue to materials, you need to fix them correctly before the glue dries. Then use your hands to hold these adhesives tightly to make them stick best. You can also hold them in place with an elastic band if you don’t want to hold them with your hands for long.

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Frequently asked questions about best wool blankets for survival

The best wool blankets for survival will keep people warm and cozy even in the extremely cold or damp areas. This is what make it should not be overlooked in your survival kids. They are also essential items for people who live in areas prone to heavy weather.

You might have heard something about wool blankets that they are heavy, cause itch or difficult to maintain. And you are still in two minds about getting one wool blankets or not. This post will help you clear up all the queries.

#1 Are wool blankets heavy?

Wool blankets come in many different weights and the blanket’s uses greatly depend on its weight. The heavier blanket is more suitable to use in the camping or going to events outdoors at night, where you need a blanket to help you keep warm, block the wind outside. These blankets are ideal for extremely cold winter nights.

However, if you live in a temperate climate than several lighter weight blankets or one that is made from breathable and moisture wicking fabrics may be better than a heavy one. The climate in your living area is not too cold, then a 2 lb blanket is all that you might need year round.

#2 How to wash the wool blanket?

Some wool blankets may be ruined of you wash them in the washing machine or dryer. If it is inconvenient for you to dry-clean your wool blanket, then make sure that the wool blanket you choose is machine-washable and dryable.

Make sure that you carefully read and follow the care guidelines that may be included in the label of the blanket. In the case if you cannot put your wool blanket in the washing machine, you can spot clean it. Sometimes an emergency situation, you cannot care much about keep your blanket clean, so it is better to keep an affordable blanket around.

#3 Does the wool itchy?

One thing that you can hear a lot when it comes to wool blankets is that wool can be so darn itchy. If you’ve ever had an itchy wool blanket, then this is because the thickness of each individual wool fiber is not small enough. The high quality finest wool blankets are made with small fibers that don’t cause itching.

The method of refining wool today also makes it less itchy. This is not means that all cheap wool blankets are going to be itchy, but to avoid it, you should get the premium quality blanket.

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What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner For Fish Tank?

It cannot be denied that a vacuum cleaner is a necessary device for your aquarium maintenance routine.

Besides its main function of removing all the uneaten food, residue and dirt that built up in your fish tank, keep the tank environment healthy for fish. This device also has been known as making water changes easier and faster.

However, Not every fish keeper really understands the differences between types of the vacuum cleaner. If you are confused when looking for a vacuum cleaner for fish tank, this post is what you need.

Two common types of vacuum cleaner

#1 Electric vacuum cleaner

The best aquarium gravel vacuum does not need containers, hoses and buckets to carry water because this device will not change your water. Instead, it will suck the water through it, keep any waste, excess food that contains in the water.

All you need to do is immerse the vacuum cleaner in a vertical position and turn it on.

This is absolutely easiest way to clean the tank without the mess of water. However, this comes at more costly than the manual versions. The cost of an electric vacuum cleaner can be 5 times than normal siphon cleaner.

One more drawback is that not any perfect electric gravel vacuum available on the market.

Some of them do not work really effective at cleaning. Some make a sound while operating. Some even create the vibration that can bother or scare your fish.

#2 Manual gravel cleaner

This is the most vacuum cleaner for all fish keepers. It is cheap and also comes in many different sizes of siphon that means you can use it for various tank sizes. It is not complicated and is the best aquarium gravel for beginners.

You have to prepare a container or big bucket to contain the water in the vacuum process because you will clean the tank and drain the water at the same time. It will take you more effort than electric devices. Improper using manual devices can cause spills.

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Guide To Buying The Best Hunting Flashlight

If you’re planning on going hunting at night, you need to be able to see in the dark. The most tried and true method of seeing in the dark? Flashlights.

But how do you find the best hunting flashlight? Here are a few features you need to consider.

#1 Lumens

Flashlight brightness is measured in lumens. The brightest flashlights are rated at 3,200 lumens, while the dimmest are around, or even below, the 100 lumen mark.

How bright you want your flashlight is down to personal preference, and what situations you’ll be putting yourself in. Contrary to popular belief, the more powerful flashlights are not necessarily the best. If you’re in total darkness, the last thing you need is to be blinded. If you’re out of commission because you can’t see, it’s not the best flashlight for hunting.

However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the 3,000 lumen flashlights straight out, because most tactical flashlights have another essential feature:

#2 Flashlight Modes

Most modern flashlights have a set of modes, which are commonly alternated through by continual clicking of the on-off button. Mode order typically goes from brightest to darkest with bonus red and then green modes after that. Some flashlights even offer a “moonlight” mode, which is rated at 0.5 lumens, perfect for battery longevity.

If the mode changing method of clicking the same button over and over doesn’t appeal to you, it may be easier to get a single-mode flashlight in the intensity you want. It may require more initial research, but flashlight use becomes a lot simpler with a single-mode.

#3 Range

Brightness means nothing if you buy a flashlight that only lights up 1 meter in front of you. If you’re hunting, you’re not going to be right next to the game, Only you can judge how close you need to be, so make sure you choose the right flashlight to suit.

#4 Battery Life

What’s the worst feeling in the world? Being a mile away from camp or transport and your only flashlight battery dies, leaving you in total darkness. Be prepared. Look into the average battery drain for your chosen flashlight.


Hopefully, you now feel more confident that you can choose the best flashlight for hunting at night. Remember: there is a multitude of different flashlights, all used in different situations. Make sure you’re choosing the best flashlight for you.

Click here to find out more.

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A leaking marine battery

We provide some tips when your marine battery leaks. Nothing is more annoying than a leaking battery. But what should you do when it actually leaks and even more important; how can you prevent this? Leaking batteries; you recognize a leaking battery by a sticky, grainy and fluid that is present on the outside of the battery.

What you should never do with such a situation is to touch this with your bare hands. A leaking battery should always be touched a gloves. The leaking acids kan be very dangerous for your skin and can bite into your body. If you ever get these substance in your eyes or mouth; call a doctor or medical hospice immediately. After you have some gloves and maybe even some eye protection you can clean the battery. The battery is leaking so maybe you first need to pull the marine out of the car, clean the contained car parts and then focus on the battery itself. You can buy or use a small brush and some vinegar to clean the outside of the battery. This way most of the dirt will be gone and then the real work starts.

The second step is to take apart the battery all together  Fill the fluid, check for any leaks and the electricity cables. If you think you are unable to do this; call your garage and ask them to do this. It will probably take them around 10 minutes to do all the checks. When they are done, or you have done it yourself you can assemble the battery again and place it back in your car. Lighten up and you are ready to go again!

But what can you do to prevent a leaking battery? You should use a battery that is coherent with the type of car, boat or other motor vehicle you are using. Some batteries are more suitable for a ford than an Audi. Place a new battery with great care; make sure the negative and positive sides are turned on well, and never leave your battery on for more than 2 months of not running the motor vehicle. This way the battery will drain all the power, when all the power is drained it starts to leak also fluids. Just make sure when you go on for a long holiday or trip you dispatch all the cables from the marine battery and you are good to go!

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As per current scientific information, we are very certain that cannabinoids are important biochemical mediators in the skin, even if their components have not been completely understood. If you read out the how to make distillate about the recipes of essential oil then the following ones. After many years of studies and research, the treatment of skin illnesses and conditions with cannabinoids is on the verge of entering a “casual” clinical stage, with more and more patients utilizing cannabis oils, creams, and medicine to treat or control their skin issues. When we talk about skin, everyone is involved one way or another, as everybody encounters probably some sort of irritation in their life. In the most pessimistic scenarios, skin conditions can be devastating, affecting the general health of the patient. Moreover, when you need to manage determined or serious skin disease, opting for the appropriate cure can be challenging—even with the help of an expert. In the course of recent years, studies has started to clarify how cannabinoids can trigger biochemical responses in animal bodies, helping, healing or shielding the skin from the symptoms of various dermatological conditions. smooth and clear skin. One of the most commonly used california seed banks online is to steam the face, which reduces the sebum buildup. As an outcome of both lab information and patient experience, CBD is today viewed as one of the most promising compounds for the treatment of a variety of skin diseases.


Inflammation is the reason for most of skin diseases, and cytokines are the primary inflammatory chemical messengers emitted by immune cells in cases of distress. Cannabinoids apply their mitigating properties by reducing cytokine production and controlling skin cell functionality through their actions on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS comprises of biochemical receptors spread all through our whole body, influencing different physiological procedures. Cannabinoid receptors are found all through the skin, and their modulation by endogenous or outer cannabinoids can control the balance and wellbeing of skin cells. A few pieces of research are available to enable us to comprehend the specific action of cannabinoids on our skin. One bit of comprehensive research refers to the skin’s endocannabinoid system as an objective for new therapeutic opportunities, listing all the conceivable conditions that may soon be dealt with. These include skin tumors, psoriasis, seborrhoea, acne, and dermatitis. skin which is prone to breakouts and one that can how to make distillate at home in both men and women. While these results are being published, a lot of people around the world were already adding hemp and CBD products to their everyday skincare routine or to their skin-treatment tools.


The anti-inflammatory action of THC, CBD, and furthermore cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG) were found to have the capacity to inhibit the proliferation of skin cells. In 2007, a study noted that these cannabinoids inhibited the development of keratinocytes in the outer layers of the skin, supporting a potential role for cannabinoids in the treatment of psoriasis. of this post, I will help you to choose the high times top seed banks . I will identify some of the top picks that. Also, the reduced immune response from the skin induced by CBD and THC is another effect that adds to the treatment of psoriasis symptoms. In 2016, a review of available scientific literature affirmed that cannabinoids may represent a helpful treatment for this condition, even if large-scale clinical studies will be important to affirm both these results and the beneficial outcomes officially reported by

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