Small Garden Drip System


Perfect for small gardens. This kit includes 50ft of drip tape and 10ft of header tubing and is customizable so you can tailor it to your garden. See full description for suggestions on how it could be installed.

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Product Description


50 ft Professional Quality Drip Tape (12 inch emitter spacing)
10 ft 1/4″ Connection Tubing
10 ft Header Tubing
Header Hose Connection (with built in 150 mesh filter and pressure regulator)
Header End Connection with Cap
Backflow Preventer
Punch tool
Easy to follow instructions

See how easy our kits are to assemble in this short video.

Our drip systems use high quality components that professional market gardeners and farmers use. With proper care they will last multiple years and provide significant savings over other lower quality systems. They also provide substantial savings in water and electricity costs compared to sprinklers or hand watering. Because all of the water is applied to the soil where the roots are losses from evaporation is minimal, and the slow application means it soaks in and does not run off and waste water and create muddy messes.

Completely customizable, so can be cut to different lengths or put closer together and used in raised beds with no aisles.

Here are a few ways this kit could be installed:

1 row up to 50 foot long
2 rows up to 25 feet long, up to 10 feet apart
4 rows up to 12.5 feet long
5 rows up to 10 feet long

Or whatever you come up with – installation is flexible!

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